Our duo is unique: Julie is also a visual artist, while Francis has specialized in typeface design, honing his skills at the Atelier National de Recherche Typographique. Our entire energy is devoted to creation. We have a deep understanding of the challenges associated with the cultural sector. Our aim is to produce simple forms that are not dry, minimalistic without being pretentious, stable without being dull, impactful without being vulgar, and experimental without being unreadable. For each project, our primary focus is on providing an effective solution that meets clear strategic objectives.


4 rue de la Coopérative
Les Ateliers Éclairés

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Julie Luzoir

Julie Luzoir is a graphic designer and a visual artist. Her work revolves around paper: between drawings and editorial design. She received a strong literary education in Higher School Preparatory Classes, and then enrolled in the Lorraine School of Art. After five years, she was congratulated by the jury during her Master degree. In 2013, she co-founded the graphic design studio Nouvelle étiquette. Alongside ambitious graphic projects, she continues to pursue her career as a visual artist: her work is exhibited in several spaces (Salon de Montrouge, Triennale Jeune Création Luxembourg, Nuit Blanche Paris OFF 2017…), her drawings are published in magazines, art centers invited her in residency (Besançon, Montrouge, Gdansk). In 2018, she was awarded the Aller/Zuruck grant and left for several months in Berlin. Back in France, she moved to Strasbourg where she benefited from a studio in the COOP, where she co-founded the studio ramel·luzoir. In 2022, three of her pieces are acquired by the Artothèque de Strasbourg. In 2023, her work was acquired by the 49 Nord 6 Est Frac Lorraine.

Francis Ramel

Francis Ramel is a graphic and type designer who specialises in editorial design, type design and visual identities for cultural fields. He started his career as an editorial designer for Maison Moderne, an independent publishing house in Luxembourg, where he designed magazines and brochures. In 2013 he co-founded Nouvelle étiquette in Metz, France. Within this studio composed of 4 partners, he participated in many exciting graphic design projects, from exhibition catalogues to complete visual identities. In 2014 he joined the French National Institute for Typographical Research (ANRT — Nancy) in order to focus on type design. He started during this postgraduate course a research focusing on the early medieval musical notations. This work has been funded through a grant from the French National Center for Visual Arts (CNAP) in 2017 and was admissible at the Villa Médicis, Académie de France à Rome, in 2018. Since 2016 Francis is also Type designer at the Argentinian type foundry PampaType. Within this framework and in collaboration with Alejandro Lo Celso, he designed in 2019 a bespoke type family for the Cathedral of Metz, as part of a public commission from the French Ministry of Culture. In 2022, PampaType also released Carolinéale, his first retail typeface.


Accélérateur de Particules
Alice et les garçons
Atelier Soubiran
Audemars Piguet
Centre national des arts plastiques
Domaine Castéra
Domaine la Calmette
Domaine Régis Minet
Domaine de Ribonnet
Domaine La Réméjeanne
Hé ouais mec Productions
Les Chemins de l’Arkose
Loire Volcanique
Les éditions la Conserverie
Région Grand Est
Stanley/Barker éditions


Art Direction
Editorial design
Graphic design
Digital design
Type design
Visual identity
Brand identity
Event-driven identity
Brand redesign
Signage system
Printing supervision


e-artsup, Strasbourg
ESBAN, Nîmes
MJM Graphic Design, Strasbourg
ENSAD, Nancy
ESAL, Metz

LISAA — Art direction, Master degree (since 2020)


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4 rue de la Coopérative
Les Ateliers Éclairés

67000 Strasbourg